Top Reasons to be a Tenant at Shetland Park in 2017

| January 18, 2017

OfficeSpaceEveryNeedThere are many great reasons why more companies are moving their business to Salem’s Waterfront Business Center, Shetland Park.  The first is location. Shetland Park offers beautiful panoramic ocean views that wow clients and offer an ideal picturesque place for employees to thrive as longtime tenant Helen Meddler shared with us a few years ago in the blog article we wrote about her company Hawthorne Tours.  Medler said, “Shetland Park is a comfortable work environment with a spectacular view of the harbor.  It really is a hidden gem.  I also appreciate the ease of working with the staff. And, we greatly appreciate having a free parking garage with a covered walkway to our office – especially during the winter months! “

In addition to the beautiful views, the location is convenient for workforce and clients. Consider the impact of: an easier commute with office space that is conveniently accessible by routes 128, 114, 107, 35 and 1A, a bus route that stops at the location, is a short walk from the MBTA commuter rail and even has water access with marine slips available.    It also offers unlimited, convenient parking on-site and has ample room for your business to grow. “The ability for companies to grow or contract without moving their business here at Shetland is something we have always strongly marketed and is one of the benefits of being a tenant of Shetland. I believe we make it a very easy process for our tenants by providing initial planning consultations with our Leasing professionals, our in-house design and architectural services, and our full construction staff. These services are often valued by our tenants and often taken advantage of. The trend of late has been expansion, which is great to see”, stated Shetland Park’s Leasing & Marketing Manager, Katie Davis.

Shetland Park’s 1.5 Million Sq. Ft. Facility in historic Salem, Mass has the space available for your business to expand which is another reason to be a tenant. Tenant JD Software Inc., a leader in the software development industry, expanded a couple of times within Shetland Park.  Instead of having to move from the property to find more space with convenient parking, JD Software remained at 27 Congress Street and was able to offer the same easy commute to their team of Software Engineers.  Zingerplatz Pictures Inc., founded in 2002 by Joe Cultrera, and Filmmaker/Editor Perry Hallinan are 2 film production companies located at Shetland Park who explained that they had outgrown their old space and Shetland Park not only had the space they needed now, but also offered the option for room to grow.  When asked what they liked best about being a tenant of Shetland Park, Perry Hallinan said, “I enjoy the mixture of businesses in this old textile Mill Building. Shetland houses a diverse cross section of businesses from the area; having all of these diverse tenants in one area feels healthy to me from a community perspective.   The Green Tomato Cafe is also a plus. Good people that care about what they serve.” Part of what helps Shetland Park remain a quality location for various different kinds of businesses is its versatility to accommodate various different special requirements. Smoke-Free/Tobacco Free properties are a growing trend in today’s world considering the adverse health effects caused by smoking and second hand smoke. Shetland Park was proud to offer and promote a safe and healthy work environment in 2016 to its tenants and visitors. This is another great reason to be a tenant this year.

Need a health professional while at work?  Shetland Park is the home of the Salem Family Health Center and an extensive list of other healthcare providers and medical companies north of Boston.  Some of the many healthcare tenants at Shetland Park are: North Shore Community Health Center, who occupy a free-standing building on Congress Street, DEAF, Inc., Lahey Clinic, American Surgical Co. (manufacturer), Commonwealth of Massachusetts Rehab, , HAWC, Healing Creative, Independent Living Center, , Lynn Community Health Center, Stay Well Adult Health Day Care, as well as Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, slated to open its doors in February.

The convenience of having healthcare at the office park is one of many extra perks of being a tenant. You can also work-out at work with our tenant B&S Sport Science which is an onsite gym and athletics center designed to benefit most any lifestyle or fitness experience level.  Having an office at Shetland Park enables people to save time while trying to achieve the health they desire. Owners Dennis Floyd and Brandi Dion make it hard to make excuses about not getting to the gym or getting fit. When the owners were asked if they liked being a tenant of Shetland Park, they replied: “We have had a very pleasant experience with everyone at Shetland Park and would recommend it to anyone!”

Another benefit to being a tenant is the great restaurants in the area and The Green Tomato Restaurant at Shetland Park in Building 2. In addition to The Green Tomato’s wrap sandwiches, you can find delicious tacos, quesadilla plates or chicken piccata as well as salads, homemade soups and a large breakfast menu. This local restaurant is a convenient choice for the tenants at Shetland Park, but it is also a great place with delicious food at a reasonable price for anyone who is visiting or working in Salem.

Businesses realize that to attract the best candidates to work at their companies they need to be in an area where people want to work and offer them options for things to do close by outside of work.  Shetland Park office space is near shops, restaurants, hotels and is walking distance to downtown historic Salem, Peabody Essex Museum, and Derby Wharf National Park.  Finally, having office space that is secure and well maintained at affordable rates is why there is a 95% retention rate on lease renewals. Shetland Park offers 24/7 Security Access; State-of-the-Art Park Wide Camera System and works hard to accommodate the needs of each tenant.  If you are looking for office space for your business please email: or call Katie Davis at 978-740-4401 at Shetland Park. Our Hallmark: Happy Tenants!

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