Shetland Park Has Space To Suit Your Business Needs.


Shetland Park can accommodate space needs from 50 to 50,000 square feet, at rates as low as:

Self-Storage Rates $29/mo
Rent-a-Desk $150/mo
Small Business Center $300/mo
Warehouse Storage $4.00/s.f.
Light Manufacturing $8.00/s.f.
R & D $8.00/s.f.
Office Space $15.00/s.f.

Shetland Park’s Lease Rates Include:

Base year real estate taxes, building insurance, inside and outside common area maintenance, snow removal, structural and roof maintenance. Unlike other office complexes, Shetland Park has no common area maintenance charge.

Please note that Shetland Park uses Net Space Calculations with regard to leasing space: Unlike other commercial complexes, Shetland Park does not factor common areas like hallways, stairwells, or front lobbies into their space calculations. When you lease 1,000 square feet at Shetland Park, you get 1,000 usable square feet – which results in lower cost to you, and more office space for your money.

Shetland Park will build to suit. Because of our flexibility, tenants at Shetland Park easily grow or contract without moving by “right-sizing” their facilities as their needs for space change.

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