Shetland Park is a Smoke-Free Property

| August 5, 2016

FullSizeRender (2)Effective August 1, 2016, Shetland Park in Salem became “Smoke-Free”.  After doing a careful study of the “designated smoking areas” on the property, management determined that there was a significant chance of smoke migrating into the buildings through doors and windows, despite designated smoking areas conforming to the law.  Shetland decided to make its ENTIRE property smoke free. This includes all of the buildings and the grounds of the property. Shetland has eliminated “designated smoking” areas within the property all together. Going completely smoke free will eliminate potential conflicts among tenants, keep the grounds and environment cleaner, and reduce potential liabilities.

Smoke-Free/Tobacco Free properties are a growing trend in today’s world considering the adverse health effects caused by smoking and second hand smoke. Shetland is proud to be able to offer and promote a safe and healthy work environment to its tenants and visitors. We are also happy to say our tenants have been extremely supportive of this initiative.

As the Landlord, Shetland Park is responsible for making every effort to obtain compliance from all tenants and visitors to the property.  A letter giving notice of this new policy was mailed out July 20th to all tenants and vendors who visit the property. In addition, appropriate signage was posted throughout the Park. It is Shetland Park’s hope that many will see this as beneficial to the business community, as well as an incentive to some smokers to cut down or quit all together.


Shetland Park is North Shore’s premier waterfront business center, on thirty acres with magnificent views of Salem Harbor and more. Shetland Park provides office space from their new Rent-A-Desk Program to 50,000 square feet, light manufacturing, R&D, and warehouse space from 1,000 to 50,000 square feet, and self-storage space in a large variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whatever your business requires, Shetland Park has it at competitive rates, in an attractive, secure setting, with plenty of parking.

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