Shetland Park to Celebrate 1st Annual Holiday Party

| December 12, 2016

Shetland Park's Holiday Party InvitationThe 1st Annual Shetland Park Holiday Party is December 21st from 4:30p to 7:30pm at Finz Restaurant at Pickering Warf in Salem.  Hors D’oeuves, cash bar, networking, advertising, and promotional opportunities are just a few of the highlights for this holiday party.  The event is open to everyone, but December 12th is the deadline to purchase a ticket and make reservations.

When asked why Shetland Park decided to have a party for the tenants, Leasing and Marketing Manager Katie Davis replied, “It’s been brought to my attention by many tenants that we don’t have enough “community activities” or an outlet for tenants to network amongst themselves, so I figured this might be the opportune time to organize an event like this. Also, Shetland is home to many smaller companies that may not have their own holiday parties for employees so we wanted to be able to provide tenants with the option of having a celebration that all could attend! Plus it’s a great networking opportunity for most.”

For businesses that wish to use this event to help network with other Shetland Park businesses we thought we would share a few tips.

  • Arrive early: This might be your best opportunity to talk with key contacts while things are still relatively quiet.
  • Work the room: It is easy to socialize with people you already know, but you gain if you use this occasion to meet new people. You never know who can help your business.
  • Avoid talking business: Instead, take the time to get to know interesting new things about the people you network with. Find out about their interests outside of their business and look for ways you might share some common interests. Connect on a personal level and allow the relationship to start and hopefully grow in weeks and months to come.
  • Have a fun night!

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