Expansion and Growth with Businesses at Shetland Park

| September 22, 2016

Expansion and Growth with Businesses at Shetland Park.There are many benefits for companies that would consider setting up shop at Shetland Park’s Salem location. From beautiful scenic views of the Atlantic, to it’s convenient, secure setting and friendly staff, much of the appeal is obvious to business owners. A side benefit that may not jump out to the untrained eye however, is the ability to grow within Shetland Park. “The ability for companies to grow or contract without moving their business here at Shetland is something we have always strongly marketed and is one of the benefits of being a tenant of Shetland. I believe we make it a very easy process for our tenants by providing initial planning consultations with our Leasing professionals, our in-house design and architectural services, and our full construction staff. These services are often valued by our tenants and often taken advantage of. The trend of late has been expansion, which is great to see”, stated Shetland Park’s Leasing & Marketing Manager, Katie Davis.

As the fourth quarter of 2016 gets ready to bring the year to a close, four of our tenants are expanding their space within Shetland. The start of the school year sees the Salem Academy Charter School, rated as one of the top charter schools in the Greater Boston area, requiring more space as the school has increased enrollment.  With the increase of students in grades 6th through 12th, Shetland Park has been busy constructing new facilities and space to support their tenant’s increased needs and expanded school programming. The addition of a new fine and performing arts complex and gymnasium will allow Salem Academy Charter School to fulfill the needs of its expanding student population and still remain at the 45 Congress Street location.

JD Software Inc., a leader in the software development industry, is expanding again within Shetland Park.  Instead of having to move from the property to find more space, JD Software can remain at 27 Congress Street and offer the same easy commute to their team of Software Engineers.  Please check out this creative video of JD Software’s expansion at https://vimeo.com/175771633 .

Two other businesses to expand recently are the Law Office of Martin B. Schneider and North Shore Community Health.  Providing care for community members of the North Shore and Cape Ann areas of Massachusetts, NSCH is now expanding their administration offices from 2,900 square feet to 8,100 square feet of office space.

Part of what helps Shetland Park remain a quality location for various different kinds of businesses is its versatility to accommodate various different special requirements. With the option to start from something as simple and basic as Shetland’s Rent-A-Desk program that allows someone to avoid the clutter of starting their business from home, to Shetlands larger suites that showcase a companies’ growth, Shetland Park is a great place for a business to continue to grow without having to completely uproot and relocate operations every few years.

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