Construction and Maintenance Teams Provide a Vital Role at Shetland Park

| June 24, 2016

Construction Crew at Shetland parkWhether you visit Shetland Park in the winter or summer, you will find that the construction and maintenance teams work year round providing essential services at the office park. The business center acts as its own general contractor, landscaper and maintenance crew and employs more than 24 personnel. The teams are committed to providing professional high quality, friendly and prompt services for the tenants.  Maintaining the grounds and buildings throughout the seasons and ensuring that the property looks its best at all times is just one role, the other is done by our skilled team of carpenters, masons and painters who transform office space to fit the needs of our tenants.

Our dedicated construction crew, along with our architectural team is responsible for all of the design and construction work you see at Shetland Park. Three notable build-outs that Shetland is very proud of are:

  1. Gillian’s Foods, Inc. – 17,000+ sf of production and manufacturing for gluten free bakery products. The complexity and scope of this job in of itself is very impressive and our team did an amazing job. We have received so much positive feedback from the tenant, the community and many others that have toured this facility.
  1. The Salem EHS Center (Commonwealth of Mass. Dept. of Transitional Assistance, Mass Rehab Commission and Dept. of Mental Health) – The State has been a loyal and long standing tenant here at Shetland. The three agencies previously occupied space in 35 Congress Street for many years but needed to expand and update their program. They now occupy 36,000+ sf in 45 Congress Street. Our team completed a state-of-the-art build-out to house all three agencies, which now can better accommodate their staff and clients for years to come.
  1. Winter Street Architects – This recent addition to building 1 is an architectural firm occupying 4,100 sf in the front of building 27 Congress. This space is completely renovated to include a stunning glass entry way, visible from the lobby, which many tenants in the building have happily commented on! This space is esthetically pleasing and has a modern look. It really shows the versatility of our crew. Some features include: walls dressed in textured wallpaper, unique LED lighting fixtures, painted on dry erase boards.

John Hurley is Shetland’s Project Manager. He is in charge of the on-site construction.  A build-to-suit or a build-out can take anywhere from 3 months up to 9 months depending on the scope of the project. Most projects take an average of about 5 months. The office park currently has several projects in the works and about eight in the pipeline.

Shetland Park offers room to grow with the option for custom designed space and well-maintained buildings and grounds. Katie Davis, Shetland’s Leasing & Marketing Manager, said “…the construction and maintenance teams provide a vital role to our operation. They go above and beyond the call of duty for all of our tenants. Both crews contribute to making Shetland a desirable place to have one’s business.” Shetland Park’s Hallmark is Happy Tenants and is proud to have a 95% retention rate on lease renewals.


Shetland Park is North Shore’s premier waterfront business center, on thirty acres with magnificent views of Salem Harbor and more. Shetland Park provides office space from their new Rent-A-Desk Program to 50,000 square feet, light manufacturing, R&D, and warehouse space from 1,000 to 50,000 square feet, and self-storage space in a large variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whatever your business requires, Shetland Park has it at competitive rates, in an attractive, secure setting, with plenty of parking.

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